Friday, 8 July 2011

Toppers for Sale 16th & 17th July

There are three Toppers for sale at the club at the moment. So we will be haveing them all out on display in the Topper Park for anyone to have a look at.
If your in the market to buy a Topper then come and have a look.
Later in the month we will be running a check out your Topper day, if you would like your Topper check out let Peter or Jane know.

Monday, 20 June 2011

The weather was a little kinder

We went sailing, we did a race, no one capsized (except Dylon so no chage there).

Out on the water was Sean, Eve, Cloe, Georga Hanah, Guy and of course Dylon also a staring role from Laura who help Guy in the Pico.

it was really good to see so many of you on the water and to actually do some sailing instead of just fighting for our lives.

Next weekend is the club Regata - so fun and games on the Saturday and also a Junior Race on the Sunday. Saturday is a good family time with fun and games on and off the water.

Jane and I will be joining in the fun and games on Saturday so Sharks will have a whole day to be on the water. If you want to borrow a club boat make sure you are down before 10:00 as at 11:00 the fun starts on the water and that's were Jane and I will be.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Please give it a rest Mr Windy

Yes it was a bit blowy on Saturday. But we did brave it out, with Jane taking Blueberry and Hanna out on one Pico and Brian taking Guy out on the other. Will, Dylon and Sean each went out on Toppers.
Dylon had fun seeing how many times he could go for a swim, I think it was 4 times. Will did well only going over once (that I saw) and Sean managed stayed upright all by himself.
James was out racing in both the afternoon races, so Sean and I took a Pico out for the last race just as the wind droped and we had to float arround.
So lets try again next Saturday for some nice weather.

Monday, 6 June 2011

So the weather man said nice light winds

It didn't turn out to be light winds, a few Sharks turned up and thought better of it, that is all except Will who took to the water sharing a Pico with Tom and proceeded to helm. So in the end he had great time and didn't fall in once although to hear Tom talk it was very close at times.

We really need to get ready for the Club Regata, this is the main family fun day at the club and is great fun no matter the weather. The fun day is on Saturday 25th June with racing taking part on the Sunday.

Calling Sharks parents - Jane and I have a few dates we would like some help with as well as trying to get some of the more expiranced sailors to give up some time to run sessions for the more expiranced Sharks. If you can help out then please let Jane and I know.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Going For Gold May Winner

The winner of the May Going for Gold Jenny Williams Gold cup is new Shark Amy Well done to her, see below to see how you can gain points to be the June winner.

All Sharks go for a Swim

Well another weekend with very high winds, so we thought we would have a go out on the water this week anyway.

New Shark Amy did brilliantly, even though it was her first go on a Topper, she stayed afloat (mostly).

There was Will, Amy, Rory and Gemma all battling well in the strong wind one moment and the next a strong squall came through and all decided to go for a swim. Racing round getting all back afloat, this didn’t last long.

In the end we came back ashore and had a hot drink to warm up.
All stayed ashore apart from Rory and Will that went out again a Pico to see if they could keep it upright. With a lot of dancing around the deck they managed for the most part to stay upright. There constant cheers and screams of laughter told me they were having fun. Excellent sailing lads.

Well done to all that had a go, hopefully we will have better wind next Saturday.

Monday, 16 May 2011

The wind did blow

Sorry for the delay posting, but I've been out at sea for 5 days sailing the south coast any way here is my report for the 7th.
The forcast for bad weather could have put a few off, but Will, Ben and Kattie had great fun on the water. Will expertly put into practice the tacking land drills from last week before entering into the last race so 20 points for him. James helmed his Dad's Laser 2000 in two races so also picked up 20 poimts. Ben and Kattie helped Jane sail a Pico and are looking forward to the next two weeks when they are booked onto the RYA Stage 1&2. So that means no Sharks for a few weeks while Jane and I help 5 new possible Sharks get to the water. If you have your own boat take part in the Club racing. Remember there are 10 points per race. That's what Eve did om Thursday night and went into an ealy lead.